A community focused on merging real estate with the blockchain.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more to create the future of Digital Real Estate (any application of web3 and real estate).

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Mint date


tykes utility

The following will be available shortly after mint. More will be revealed as we go into Phase 2.

Digital Real Estate Mastermind

A place to connect real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more. Our members will collaborate to build the businesses that shape a future trillion dollar industry. They will get exclusive access to invest in start up businesses, real estate deals, metaverse land deals, and more.

Real Life Events

We will host real life meetups, trainings, and conferences for the Tykes community.


You will be able to stake your Tykes to earn $Tycoin. This token will be used to purchase everything in the Tykes ecosystem. Those who stake 5 Tykes will get special rewards and allocations.


We will be purchasing homes across the world that Tykes holders will be able to have access to.  You’ll be able to use your $Tycoin to book dates of your stay. We’ve already purchased a $1.5M home in Las Vegas, NV as the first one!


There will be online and real life trainings held by Tykes holders and outside experts on real estate, blockchain, business, investing, and more.

Message from Ryan Pineda:

The real estate industry is going through a major disruption. We’re in a recession, interest rates are rising, and most investors don’t know how to capitalize. On top of that technology is rapidly advancing the industry forward.

Soon you will see crypto, blockchain, and web3 come to real estate and create a new trillion dollar industry. Those who embrace it will become the leaders of this new industry. This is the reason I created Tykes.

Though I am extremely excited about the future we must also focus on the present. We cover the best ways to build your real estate business right now and how to adapt to this new market shift. 

So if you’re ready to build your real estate business for both today and tomorrow then join our community and get access to the top real estate NFT project in the world.

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Tykes History

There were 5000 Tykes NFT’s that were sold out during a presale for $500 each. The project officially minted on August 30th, 2022. Those with 20+ Tykes were given the option to burn them to create a more powerful and rare Boardroom Beast in a separate collection. The majority took advantage and now there are less than 3400 Tykes in existence today.

Tykes holders were then given the opportunity to stake and earn $Tycoin. The majority of holders chose to stake for 365 days to achieve the best rewards and show their faith in the project long term.

Due to this, there are very few Tykes for sale on Opensea and it will continue to drop.

What is $Tycoin?

Our cryptocurrency for the Tykes ecosystem. The only way to produce $Tycoin is through staking your Tykes. Each Tyke has a different rarity level. The more rare the Tyke, the more $Tycoin it produces daily with staking. You can see Tykes rarity levels in our gallery.

With $Tycoin you are able to purchase products from the Tykes Marketplace and experiences through TykeShare. In the future you will be able to purchase real estate and businesses with $Tycoin.

Tykes Summit

Join us for the biggest real estate and web3 event in the world on January 9-12, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV.

What’s included when you purchase a Tyke?


Real Estate Education

Trainings held by Tykes holders and outside experts on real estate, blockchain, business, investing, and more. Join our Discord community to get access.



Conferences and meetups throughout the year. Join us for the Tykes Summit, the biggest real estate and web3 event in the world, January 9-12, 2023.


Tykes Marketplace

A digital marketplace for our members to buy/sell products and services relevant to our community.



A marketplace for our members to rent/list short term rentals. The first TykeShare is a $1.5M home in Las Vegas, NV.



Similar to Shark Tank, members will be able to submit their investment opportunities, deals, and business ideas for the community to invest in.


Tykes Boardroom

For those who own 20+ Tykes or a Boardroom Beast NFT. Our highest caliber of membership with elite level entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers. We hold multiple boardroom meetings yearly to discuss the future of Tykes. The Boardroom has access to exclusive opportunities, deals, and investments.

Meet our Founder

ryan pineda
CEO and Founder

Ryan is the CEO of seven different businesses generating 7-8 figures a year in revenue. In his real estate career he’s flipped 500+ homes and currently owns 550+ rental units. He’s amassed 1.7M+ followers and 500M+ views on social media.

Mindy Pineda
amr samaha
Co-Founder and COO
dyllan godfrey
Daniel Berardi
andrew schultz
Won Oh
Community Manager
Operations Director
Carly Black
Project Manager
robbie trevino
Art Director
Alina Zabrovskaia
Lead Artist
UI/UX Designer
Helen Zhou

Meet the team


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Tykes whitelist

There are two ways to get a whitelist spot:

method #1

If you are a client or investor in one of Ryan Pineda’s businesses, you will be able to claim 5 whitelist spots.

Businesses included are Future Flipper, Lunar Ecom, Pineda Capital, Creator Properties, Truebooks CPA, and Wealthy Agent.

method #2

If you are not a client, join the Discord server. We are constantly giving whitelist spots to those who provide value to the community.


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