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A place to connect real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more. Our members will collaborate to build the businesses that shape a future trillion dollar industry. They will get exclusive access to invest in start up businesses, real estate deals, metaverse land deals, and more.



We will host real life meetups, trainings, and conferences for the Tykes community.



We will be purchasing homes across the world that Tykes holders will be able to have access to.  You’ll be able to use your $Tycoin to book dates of your stay. We’ve already purchased a $1.5M home in Las Vegas, NV as the first one!



There will be online and real life trainings held by Tykes holders and outside experts on real estate, blockchain, business, investing, and more.



You will be able to stake your Tykes to earn $Tycoin. This token will be used to purchase everything in the Tykes ecosystem. Those who stake 5 Tykes will get special rewards and allocations.


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