Message from Ryan Pineda:

The real estate industry is going through a major disruption. We’re in a recession, interest rates are rising, and most investors don’t know how to capitalize. On top of that technology is rapidly advancing the industry forward.

Soon you will see crypto, blockchain, and web3 come to real estate and create a new trillion dollar industry. Those who embrace it will become the leaders of this new industry. This is the reason I created Tykes.

Though I am extremely excited about the future we must also focus on the present. We cover the best ways to build your real estate business right now and how to adapt to this new market shift. 

So if you’re ready to build your real estate business for both today and tomorrow then join our community and get access to the top real estate NFT project in the world.

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Tykes History

There were 5000 Tykes NFT’s that were sold out during a presale for $500 each. The project officially minted on August 30th, 2022. Those with 20+ Tykes were given the option to burn them to create a more powerful and rare Boardroom Beast in a separate collection. The majority took advantage and now there are less than 3400 Tykes in existence today.

Tykes holders were then given the opportunity to stake and earn $Tycoin. The majority of holders chose to stake for 365 days to achieve the best rewards and show their faith in the project long term.

Due to this, there are very few Tykes for sale on Opensea and it will continue to drop.

What is $Tycoin?

Our cryptocurrency for the Tykes ecosystem. The only way to produce $Tycoin is through staking your Tykes. Each Tyke has a different rarity level. The more rare the Tyke, the more $Tycoin it produces daily with staking. You can see Tykes rarity levels in our gallery.

With $Tycoin you are able to purchase products from the Tykes Marketplace and experiences through TykeShare. In the future you will be able to purchase real estate and businesses with $Tycoin.